IPv6 DMVPN Routing

In our last article we looked at IPv6 over IPv4 DMVPN configuration, where IPv4 transport was used to tunnel IPv6 traffic. In this blog post I would like to show you how to deploy pure IPv6 DMVPN network, and even more importantly, how to enable one IPv6 Routing Protocol over another in the Cloud. Since IPv6 will be now also used as the underlying transport, the overall configuration of the DMVPN devices will be a little bit different from the previous example; also note that our topology was

Building a CCIE Wireless v3 Home Lab on the “Cheap”

With the new version of the CCIE Wireless lab coming in September, many people will be looking to start preparing for their lab attempts. But one look at the hardware list for the exam shows that fully replicating the lab will be out of reach for just about everyone, unless your work already has a spectacular lab. But as with most every track, you can typically practice most things on a home lab without breaking the bank if you look at alternative options. Before I list out my recommendat