Interactions between QoS and IPSec on IOS and the ASA

Quality of Service configuration for the traffic entering/leaving a VPN tunnel may require some special considerations. In this article, I am going to focus on interactions between QoS and IPSec on IOS and the ASA. There are two methods of deploying QoS for VPNs – you can match the original (Clear-text/ unencrypted) traffic flows or the actual VPN (Aggregate traffic). This second option can be useful when you want to apply a single QoS policy to all packets leaving a tunnel, no matter what

Time To Get More Advanced :: FCIP Pt. 2!

Part 1 of this blog series created a topology, much like you see below, where we configured a single vE (virtual expansion) port from MDS1 to MDS2 across an IP network.  We merged VSAN 10 across this FCIP tunnel and verified it by looking into the FCNS database and ensuring that we saw entries from both sides.  Today we are going to build upon this topology, and get into some more advanced features like changing the def