Convince me……(Santa's CCIE Handout – part 2)

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As one of the “components” of the “Santa’s CCIE Handout” initiative – I’ve decided to run a contest similar to another CCIE training vendor’s “scholarship program”.  This contest is open to the general public and not limited to our current client base.

It’s no secret that the economy throughout the world has slowed down.  Training budgets have been completely cut or at least slashed and personal spending is down.  Companies seem to be holding most of their IT staff, but some are – unfortunately – laying people off.  Because of this tough economic crisis, many people have contacted me offline – either via emailFacebook or Linkedin – asking me for assistance in the form of payment plans, cheaper products and any possible freebie that might be available (this was the main reason in which we decided to begin handing out freebies during the holiday season).  This request is because – as most of us know – the CCIE is a pretty valuable certification to hold – and most CCIEs are holding their jobs and still in demand across the globe.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons – I’m going to give away $50,0000 in training this week in the form of end-to-end program seats, self-study kits, 5-day class seats, vClass seats and online vRack sessions (winners will be announced Friday December 18th, 2008).

If you’re interested in being considered – here’s how you apply:

  • Email me (wlawson@ipexpert.com) (the info / message must be in the body of an email, no attachments or links) – in English – the following information:  Your full name, Geographic location, Technical background / experience, currently-held certifications, educational background, the CCIE track you’re interested in, a list of any products you currently own and the reason you *NEED* free CCIE training materials.

Here’s what you DO NOT do:

  • Call me, PM / IM me or attempt to “sway” my decision! ;-)

NOTE: If you already won some free training from us during our Networkers $100,000 giveaway or in this one, please allow your friends the chance to win.  (That’s a hint not to keep trying to grab for more!)  ;)

All entries must be received before 5:00 PM EST Thursday December 18th, 2008.  I will be announcing the winners on this blog.  Good luck!

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