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Well, it appears that there’s a little more movement going on within the Cisco learning partner program and amongst the 360 program learning partner participants.  Just a few weeks ago Cisco announced that they would be launching their 360 CCIE program with an estimated price that approached $20,000 USD.  Shortly after, Netmaster Class updated their website and stated that they were offering Cisco’s 360 program (first to market) at a price-point that seemed to come in significantly lower than $20,000 (which, rumor has it, has caused some major problems amongst learning partners that are now competing in this offering as well as a few of their students that don’t approve of their sales tactics!).  Today – Global Knowledge announced that they were the first CLSP to offer this 360 program worldwide – however, if you read this post from Fast Lane’s website you will see that they (Fast Lane is also a CLSP) announced something similar to this about 3 weeks ago. (Fast Lane announced that they were offering the 360 program here in the U.S., but no mention of this program being available at any of their international locations.)  Also, there doesn’t seem to be any published pricing on the CLSP (Fast Lane or GK’s) websites.  Lastly, Cisco had announced that more information would be coming November 1st – to include pricing and learning partners that will offer this program.  Wouldn’t you know it – November 1st has come and gone and Cisco hasn’t updated their website with this information (Not a surprise to us companies that have worked with Cisco’s learning partner team!).  Hopefully this isn’t a sign of what’s to come as it relates to updates, support and Cisco’s attentiveness (or lack of) as it relates to this “first of its kind blended learning program”.  Does this appear to be unorganized, pre-announced and / or overpriced?….What are your thoughts – we’d like to hear them!  Also, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts pertaining to Cisco’s learning management system.  We considered implementing a PPP “Personal Preparation Path” solution that would allow our students to enter in their lab date (goal) and then have a custom study plan created – all of this being trackable online within their IPexpert login / locker.  Is this something you would like to see or have available?

As always, thanks for reading and happy studying! – Wayne

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