CCIE Written Changes

Just when you thought you were prepared for your CCIE written exam, think again! Cisco has announced that as of July 25th 2016 they will be adding the section called “Evolving Technologies” to all written exams. If you are scheduled to take your written, in any track, before July25th than not to worry, these changes will not affect you in anyway according to Cisco.
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This new section is going to account for 10% of your overall score on the exam with the original topics in your blueprint coming out to 90%. The most interesting point that we need to focus on is that the subdomains of this new section are subject to change as “new and emerging technologies are developed and adopted by the industry”.
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Now I know what you’re thinking, “how am I supposed to study for this?”. It’s not all that bad! Cisco has at least given us some resources that we can use to begin preparing for these new topics on our written exam. Here at iPexpert, we’ll be adding these topics to new Written VOD products accordingly, and releasing updates over the next few months.
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The last big update to the CCIE blueprints that I want to call to your attention affects both the lab and written blueprints. Cisco announced that they will now be combining the existing written and lab topics into “one modular and unified version”. According to Cisco this is to ensure that all “candidates prepare with a comprehensive understanding of each topic”. *This fits well within our Structured Learning Approach, and the new way in which we’re designing our materials!
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The goal here, with this new “unified” blueprint, is to ensure that candidates have a deeper understanding of topics “to include planning, design, implementation, diagnosis, and troubleshooting”. In short, Cisco is tired of CCIE’s who only know how to perform that one task that’s required on their lab, or written, exam, and quite frankly, we think it’s a great call by Cisco! They are attempting to deliver CCIE’s to the world who can do more than just pass an exam. So, get ready, the CCIE written exams appear to be getting more difficult in the upcoming months, which is a great thing. We all want that CCIE number to remain the top IT certification, and most prestigious, don’t we!?
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JP Cedeno, CCIE R&S V5 (CCIE #47408)
iPexpert’s Sr. CCIE R&S Instructor

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  1. kenyonej

    I think I’m giving up on this CCIE thingee. This written exam is almost impossible to pass. Costs too much money. Just failed it today. Topic range is so wide I don’t see how I could study for it.


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