CCIE Wireless v2.0 Blueprint Update

We knew it would happen eventually. Cisco has updated the CCIE Wireless blueprint to v2.0 (see the v2.0 Lab Exam Topics at https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-11621.)  Here’s a quick synopsis of the changes for the lab exam between v1.0 and v2.0.  Keep in mind that there will be some updates to this, based on the equipment list changes once that becomes available.  You’ll notice that there is VERY LITTLE that is removed, while there were several new features added (of course!)  So, your version 1.0 materials will still serve as a good basis if you are not able to pass the lab before November 18, 2011.  And, have you scheduled your lab yet?  If not, do it!


1. What versions of firmware (WLCs, autonomous APs, WCS, ACS)?  That will be answered in the equipment list, once it becomes available.

2. There is no mention of the 7920 on the new blueprint.  Does that mean that the configuration requirements for it are not included?



1. Network Infrastructure

  • The following aren’t listed in the update, but need to still be included due to basic functionality for the other components
    • CDP
    • Trunk vs. Access Ports
    • VLAN Filtering

2. Autonomous (now section 3 in v2.0)

  • Repeater mode is not mentioned in v2.0, while the other modes are listed.  This is not definitive, but presumed based on what is included in the blueprint.
  • Just like for Network Infrastructure, different features are not listed, but they are assumed based on autonomous access point operation

3. Unified Infrastructure (now section 4 in v2.0 – “Unified deployment model”)

  • Features that are no longer available in the newer codes, like  asymmetric tunneling, WLAN override (think “AP Groups”,) and OTAP.

4. Section 3 and 4 combined from v1.0 to section 4 in v2.0

5. WCS

  • Location Appliance (replaced by MSE)

6. Section 6 changed from Voice over Wireless to WLAN Services



Section 1. Network Infrastructure

  • VSS (Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System)
  • IPv6 (subnetting and static routing)
  • Wired security (ACLs, MAC filtering, port-security)
Section 2. Infrastructure Application Services
  • Different items moved to this section from other sections
Section 3. Autonomous
  • Nothing added
Section 4. Unified deployment
  • Unified APs
    • Locally significant certificates
    • Office Extend
  • WLANs
    • Band select
    • Passive clients
    • Multicast VLAN
  • H-REAP
    • Local auth
    • Address learning
  • Radio settings
    • Client link
    • Channel bonding (OK, because the 1250 AP was on v1.0, this could be included already…)
    • CleanAir
  • Security
    • NAC
  • QoS
    • Presuming that “BW profile metal” really means “QoS Profile” with the understanding of the different categories (Platinum, Gold, etc.)
  • Mesh
    • AP Authorization
    • BGN (Bridge Group Name)
    • Ethernet bridging
    • Serial backhaul
Section 5. WCS
  • Virtual domains
  • High availability
  • Mesh monitoring
  • Audit configuration
  • Security index
  • wIPS
  • Service Levels
  • CleanAir
  • MSE
Section 6. WLAN Services
  • Video
    • RF Design considerations
    • Implement the network infrastructure to support Video over Wireless
    • General configuration settings
    • CAC
  • Context aware (location services moved from WCS section)

Jason Boyers – CCIE #26024 (Wireless)
Technical Instructor – IPexpert, Inc.
Mailto: jboyers@ipexpert.com

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