CCIE Training- Learn By Doing the Proven Way and Save

It’s quite simple, our proven structured methodology works! Follow the following steps and success is practically guaranteed! Depending on various factors, including pre-existing knowledge and real-world experience, candidates can customize the program to rearrange, replace or delete steps to accommodate their preparation needs, budget and timeline.

IPexpert’s CCIE Training Structured Learning Approach Defined:

1. Listen and Digest IPexpert’s CCIE Video on Demand Course
2. Complete CCIE Lab Preparation Workbook Volume 1
3. Reinforce Theory & Advanced Technology with IPexpert’s CCIE Audio on Demand Lecture Series
4. Begin Multiprotocol Exercises with IPexpert’s CCIE Mock Lab Workbook (Volume 2)
5. Reinforce Advanced Knowledge in IPexpert’s 5-Day CCIE Bootcamp
6. Practice Taking the REAL Lab attend the OWLE Bootcamp
7. Pass the Lab!!

You can rest assured that our program is thorough, refined and up-to-date.  It’s been tweaked over a decade of CCIE Lab training experience and is responsible for helping people just like you earn their number!

Save on all of IPexpert’s Self-Study Materials!

IPexpert’s Blended Learning Solutions for as low as $999 (Use Coupon Code BLSMAR12)

Save on IPexpert’s Instructor Led Courses (R&S, Voice, & Security)

  • IPexpert’s 5 Day CCIE Bootcamps for $1499
  • IPexpert’s One Week Lab Experience Bootcamp for $1499

Contact a Training Advisor to Register for a Bootcamp Today and Save!

Email: sales@ipexpert.com
Phone: +1.810.326.1444

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