Security Volume 1 Finished & CCNA / CCNP Online-HD-ILT Courses

By Wayne Lawson II on March 25th, 2013

CCIE Security 4.0 Clients -

I’m not here to sell you Vaporware or talk about “future fancy features” that are worthless to you – I’m simply here to let you know that we’re actually shipping content (unlike some of our competitors! ;-) Our CCIE Security Workbook – Volume 1 - is now 100% done and shipping. Our Volume 2 Workbook will be available shortly. We’re happy to be the leader in the CCIE training market – and very pleased to have a large collection of CCIE Security lab 4.0 content already shipping and available.

Also – a quick note – as you all know, our workbooks ARE protected by a very superb DRM app – which is flawless and will not cause you a single problem. (Most of you have been using this application around our products for years without a single “hiccup”). Once your PDF has been authenticated, you’ve got full access to it without any hassles. Your PDF can be viewed on smart devices and it’s very simplistic to use. We use DRM because – believe it or not – our intellectual property is very precious to us. We take great pride in our content and put a lot of effort into it. I think it’s unfortunate that some of our competitor’s products can be downloaded, literally, hours upon their release – so if you’re not up for buying great content that’s proven, supported well and updated often – wait a few hours and download our competitor’s for free – you won’t get any support, and updates are unheard of – but at least it’s free! ;-)

Lastly – We will be announcing our CCNA and CCNP Online-HD-ILT Subscription services / products tomorrow. We are excited to be able to deliver Hollywood-style, Online training for the CCNA and CCNP R&S, Voice, Data Center, Wireless and Security certifications. We are priced VERY COMPETITIVELY, as always – but more importantly – our classes are taught by our internal CCIE “Ninjas” who have helped countless engineers pass their CCIE lab – assisting CCNA and CCNP candidates is second nature to these guys! Personally – I’m excited for the announcement – as the supplemental material, guarantee and equipment used, format and style of our classes is, literally, going to be second-to-none in the market! We have raised the bar, once again! Stay tuned!


Thanks – Wayne

Security Volume 1 Finished & CCNA / CCNP Online-HD-ILT Courses, 3.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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