CCIE Security Challenge – 20 Days Until Success

By Anthony Sequeira on October 6th, 2012

Well hello everyone! Several of the blog followers have requested that I detail each day of this final push to CCIE Security 3.0. They realize (correctly) that these final days can be make or break in the pursuit of CCIE and they wanted a glimpse of exactly what I am doing and what my psychology  is. What an awesome idea and I am happy to oblige.

First  - an announcement. My CCIE Security 3.0 Flash Cards are now available on the ANKI Flash Card 2.0 web site. You can go there to get the latest deck each day. Please note – I am indeed adding more Flash Cards everyday! So if you want the latest and greatest – be sure to visit there and download the new deck each day. Here is the link to the ANKI 2.0 Web site where you can retrieve the latest deck using a search on CCIE:

You should also note that this deck is appropriate for those studying for the CCIE Security 4.0 blueprint  - it will just lack the new devices like the ISE. The deck is also wonderful for those in pursuit of CCNP Security.

So what am I up to in these last days of prep. Well first, I need to tell you about a crossroads I hit a while back. Sure enough, I hit a point where I really had to decide if I would continue this pursuit. I was suddenly questing why in the world I was even doing it! Fortunately, that was right when a friend and coach introduced me to the Tony Robbins RPM Life Management System. This was pretty funny that I got turned on to an Anthony Robbins product since I have always been referred to as the Tony Robbins of Certification Training. A huge compliment indeed now that I have used one of his products and know what he is about.

You see, this system had me focus on what I REALLY want. That is the R in RPM. I decided, yes, I REALLY want the Security CCIE. But then the system makes you focus on the PURPOSE. Why do you really want it?!?! That was the piece that was missing for me. I thought about it and came up with the following list, in no particular order:

  • To improve my live online training classes through a deeper understanding of security technologies
  • To gain much needed hands on experience with the various security technologies
  • To gain additional credibility in the Certification training space
  • To be able to assist a much larger pool of students in their Certification goals
  • To have a much cooler auto-signature in emails
  • To feed my passion for network security in general
  • To make my family even more confused about exactly what I do for a living

This step was so critical. And this step might be missing for many of our readers. Once I had this – I had an amazingly renewed energy for the M in RPM and that is my Massive Action Plan. I already had this plan laid out well and I have talked about it in previous posts – but if you are not completely clear on why you are doing the work, it is really tough to get the work done!

So what am I doing today (and for the next 20) – I am tackling only my weakest subject areas! You see, I do not need to worry about full labs as I have completed some and I know I can attack a full lab successfully from a strategic standpoint since I have done this so many time with the R&S track. All I need to do now is really deep, deep dive into the technologies that I am the weakest with. Today – I am tearing apart the GET VPN, and sure enough – NOT THAT HARD!!!! Woohoo! And it is fun!

You see, a hazard with leaving your weak areas till the last days as I have done is that you might let this undermine your confidence. You start allowing that fear of failure in the exam creep into your computer between your ears. No way Jose! Not for me. After all, if I experience a NOT PASS, I have the joy of what I have learned from the experience, and I have the privilege of learning some cool new devices for CCIE Security Version 4.

Thanks for reading, now I have to get back to some routers running the GET VPN, with a couple of ASA devices in between them!

Anthony Sequeira
Twitter: @compsolv

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    2 Responses to “CCIE Security Challenge – 20 Days Until Success”

    1. Srikant Ganesh says:

      Great, thank you Anthony

      If the GETVPN with ASA in between is security contexts ;) do you mind sharing the details


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    2. Aakil says:

      @Srikant, VPN is not supported in multi conext mode on ASA

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