Anthony Sequeira’s Exam Stress Busters!

By Anthony Sequeira on August 7th, 2012

We all tend to get a bit stressed out during times of CCIE exam study. Especially if we are also juggling the demands of two or three jobs, family, and many other potential distractors. Here are some tips – read them over and start trying some that you think would work best for you personally.

- Avoid stressful people! There is an element to stress that is actually contagious it seems. Be sure to surround yourself with positive people and influences as you get closer to your exam. This is why some forums should be avoided as you get closer.

- Eat healthy. There really is a correlation between stress and what is consumed for food. As an extreme examine, I know in my case, while I really love to drink alcohol, drinking too much of it produces a hangover, which produces a super huge increase in my stress levels. Darn!

- Exercise. This has become my new number one method of having the stress of exam preparation melt right away. It is really amazing. I literally cannot wait to study again after a CrossFit break!

Shortly After This Photo - A Hospital Visit

- Take breaks! I read a study about how the brain works – and it is actually great for your brain to get a nice 5 to 10 minute break during every hour of study. So go for it – check up on your Facebook friends after a good solid 50 minutes of CCIE challenges.

- Visualize a happy exam day. Be sure to imagine your exam day and how much pure joy it will be. See yourself flying through the easy tasks to start the day. So many people do the opposite – they envision a brutal day in which they will not pass their lab-  potentially AGAIN.

- Embrace the helpful part of stress. Remember that stress is not all bad. Often times embrace a bit of it for the kick in the pants to get you started in a study session, or the motivation to put some other things off so that you can study.

- Avoid fear! Go to a quiet place and think about what you fear when it comes to the CCIE exam. When you really start to examine those fears, I believe you will discover that they just do not hold up!

- Create that schedule for success. Use tools to make your journey a smooth and successful one. Consider a study planner, a skills assessment tracker, a mind map system – there are plenty of tools that can help you be successful.

- Sleep well. It is fine to be dreaming about the exam all the time. I do that. Just make sure those dreams are not nightmares by following the tips above.

Anthony Sequeira CCIE, CCSI
Twitter: @compsolv

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    3 Responses to “Anthony Sequeira’s Exam Stress Busters!”

    1. Nick says:

      Anthony, what do you think swimming or jogging?

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    2. Jaris says:

      Hello Anthony, good and useful post.

      What about the schedule for studying??? I think that the CCIE is like a project, it must have an start date and also and end date, so would you suggest to us an example in order to have a plan/schedule???? Thanks!!!

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