IPv4/6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting Released

By Anthony Sequeira on February 21st, 2012

IPexpert is thrilled to announce an unmatched product for the mastery of IPv4/6 multicast. Whether your concerns are troubleshooting or configuration, this book ensures that you master all relevant blueprint topics.

For questions or feedback regarding the new book, email compsolv@me.com.

IPv4/6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting

Chapter 1: Introduction to IPv4/6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting IGMP
Chapter 2: Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
Chapter 3: Protocol Independent Multicast – Dense Mode (PIM-DM)
Chapter 4: Protocol Independent Multicast – Sparse Mode (PIM-SM)
Chapter 5: Protocol Independent Multicast – Sparse-Dense Mode (PIM-S-DM)
Chapter 6: Bidirectional Protocol Independent Multicast (BIDIR-PIM)
Chapter 7: Static Rendezvous Points (RPs)
Chapter 8: AutoRP
Chapter 9: Bootstrap Router Protocol (BSR)
Chapter 10: Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP)
Chapter 11: Anycast-RP
Chapter 12: Multiprotocol-BGP (MP-BGP)  and Interdomain Multicast
Chapter 13: Multicast Security and Advanced Features
Chapter 14: IPv6 Multicast

Anthony Sequeira CCIE, CCSI
Twitter: @compsolv
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/compsolv

IPv4/6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting Released, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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    5 Responses to “IPv4/6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting Released”

    1. Jimbo says:

      Who is going to read this? How about putting out a useful video on the topic instead.

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    2. Anthony Sequeira says:

      Hi Jimbo!

      Believe it or not – some still prefer reading over watching videos. :-)

      But thanks for the feedback. We are discussing a video series based around this unmatched content for those “non-readers” out there!

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    3. Mike D says:

      This looks awesome – plan on picking up a copy next week!

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    4. Jimbo says:

      Thanks Anthony,

      To be honest, I have the ipexpert bls solution and although I’ve not used the workbooks because I don’t feel I’m up to that yet, I find that videos are helping me much. Having said that, its not the ipexpert videos I have been using but those of INE. I tried watching this stuff but I find Joe Atrino to be a bit monotoned and something about Marko I can’t connect with. The content needs to be lively and I was very exited to hear you are now with IPExpert and hoping that you will start producing videos. Between your videos and Brian McGahns, you both produce an excellent learning product. The real world added tips during an implementation are priceless. I work in the financial industry and we do heavy multicast for high frequency trading. This product would be of interest if it produced much realworld gotchas’ (like cases where mcast traffic floods the route processor and causes your network to melt or connecting a dense mode domain to a sparse mode domain since nasdaq uses dense mode, etc) as well as CCIE exam topics, I would see the true value in it.

      Thanks for listening. Wishing you all the best.

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    5. Anthony Sequeira says:

      Contrary to what my wife says – I love listening. Thanks for elaborating on this feedback Jimbo.

      This series, and the other books planned in the series, really do lend themselves beautifully to a video presentation. I will talk to IPexpert about this in-depth. It is certainly time for something new in the industry. The book is very unique, and the videos would certainly be unmatched as well.

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