Common Student Questions–Part 4:Does Every IP Need to Be Reachable?

By Anthony Sequeira on November 20th, 2011

In this ongoing series here at, we are going to answer the most common questions CCIE instructors hear. Here is the latest:

Question: When I am done with the configuration section, does every IP address need to be reachable from every device?

Answer: We hear this question all of the time it seems. The answer – IT DEPENDS! Remember, you are going to accomplish all of the tasks in the configuration section in order to pass the lab. You carry this out with a no more, no less philosophy. When you are done, the IP addresses that should be reachable from all devices need to be, and these would be per the various task instructions.

Now, if there is a task that says:

“Ensure all IP addresses are reachable from all devices.”

Then obviously the answer to our question is a resounding YES. By the way, this task instruction might come in the redistribution section. Let us realize, however, that this type of task is pretty unlikely. What is more likely in the redistribution section is that you are instructed how to perform the redistribution, or you are told simply to redistribute between the various IGPs.

I hope this discussion benefits you, and that you will think next time before creating all those Frame Relay maps to your own IP address for no reason. :-)

Anthony Sequeira CCIE, CCSI
Twitter: @compsolv


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