Build Your CCIE Security Knowledge with Cisco Docs!

A good knowledge of Cisco's Documentation is what could make a difference in passing or failing the exam. Because of that, I would like to show you how to access most useful Doc CD resources on a per blueprint-section basis. In addition, we will also take a look at the location of a particular document, so you know how to access it without using the Search function. Same thing as what you will have to do to access those resources in the lab. Unless otherwise mentioned, all documents discuss

Routing on the CCIE Data Center Lab – How Deep Do We Need to Go?

Every time I teach NX-OS the same question often arises, “How good do we need to be at routing in order to pass the lab exam?” My first inkling is always to say ‘learn it all,’ but we all know that isn’t always possible. There is a ton of information to learn within the scope of this lab exam, so in order to fully understand this question, we need to look towards Cisco’s almighty guide, the blueprint! They have gone pretty easy on us in terms of routing, but in their defense, they

Cisco Announces Version 3 of the CCIE Wireless Blueprint

The wait is finally over and version 3 of the wireless CCIE blueprint has finally been announced.  On September 14, the new version of the written and lab exams will go live.  This will bring a very long-in-the-tooth version 2 blueprint to an end after a nearly 4-year run.  While we tearfully say goodbye to WCS, let’s take a look at what version 3 is bringing to the table.

New Lab Exam Format

First off, let’s look at what has changed in the format of the lab itself.  The wirel