In our next blog post, we will focus on configuring an IKEv2 VPN between the ASA and IOS. Is there anything special about that configuration? Yes and no. It is still “just” IKEv2 that will take care of negotiating our tunnels, but there will definitely be a difference in how we configure one platform versus another. Remember – tunnel interfaces are not supported on the ASA, at least as of 8.6, and this generally means that we will not be able to use tunnels (FlexVPNs) on IOS, too (there

Dial-Peer Digit Manipulation

In the CCIE Collaboration lab, understanding dial-peers is extremely important. Lack of knowledge in this area can yield devastating results in your lab score report since they can be found in so many different sections of the exam. We must be thoroughly prepared to tackle every aspect of this technology should we be presented with it at some point. (more…)