Cisco Adds a New CCIE Wireless Lab Location

I was checking out the available CCIE wireless lab booking options this morning and spotted a 5th option for a location.  Starting in August, you will now be able to take your wireless lab in Hong Kong.  They are only offering the exam in that location once per week on Thursdays.  But this is a good sign that Cisco is continuing to expand wireless lab options.

More CCIEs to Congratulate!

Join us in congratulating the following CCIEs on their great achievement;
  • Miles Green, CCIE #44208 (Wireless)
  • Jim Ferens, CCIE #16755 (R&S, Sec, Wireless)
  • Derrick Williams, CCIE #44235 (Wireless)
  • Kedar Karmarkar, CCIE #6724 (Wireless, R&S)
  • Justin Wasden, CCIE #44270 (Data Center)