Connectivity Policies in UCSM

The importance of using templates with Cisco UCS cannot be emphasized enough. Creating something that you can reuse over and over again, as well as update and push out to pre-created objects, can save you a ton of time from an administrative perspective. vNIC and vHBA templates are a great example of this within Cisco UCSM. These templates allow you to create reusable vNIC and vHBA objects that you can reference within the creation of a service-profile template or even a LAN/SAN connectivity pol

The Benefits of RTMT Features in CUCM and CUC

Finally, it’s the blog you’ve all been waiting for! Yes, that’s right folks; the time has come to discuss the benefits of Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) in CUCM and CUC. All right, I know it’s not the most exciting subject to discuss all the topics on the CCIE Collaboration lab blueprint, but it can help you perform troubleshooting tasks in a very efficient manner. The goal for this blog is to point out a couple useful features of RTMT to give you a nice boost when tackling different l

How to use AnyConnect to “cheat” in the CCIE wireless lab

How would you like to be able to look up the answers to some of the tasks in the wireless lab, and not get in trouble over it? Well, read on, and I’ll give you a fun tip that you may be able to use in the lab to solve parts of certain lab tasks. It’s not actually cheating, but it almost feels like it. One of the realities of the lab is that there will be some pre-configurations on many of the devices. You won’t be configuring every last device from scratch. There’s not enough time, an